How to Choosing Best Rhinoplasty in Iran? in the other hands How to Choose Best Nose Surgeon in Tehran?

How to Choosing Best Rhinoplasty in IranFrank Miller, 2017

Best Rhinoplasty in Iran (How to Choosing)

• Plan to do some careful research before choosing a surgeon.
• Should the initial consultation with the surgeon result in surgery it is the technical expertise and artistic skill of the surgeon you choose that will dictate the outcome of the surgery.
• Find a surgeon with whom you are comfortable and who has a reputation of excellent results with the surgery you seek. Friends or relatives are often a good source of finding a competent surgeon. A satisfied patient is always the most powerful and reliable endorsement for any experienced and skilled surgeon.
• It is a good idea to check a surgeon’s credentials before scheduling a consultation.
• A fellow of the Norwegian Society of Otorhinolaryngology is a benchmark of excellence, and this indicates that the surgeon has received extensive training in their particular field of expertise and has passed an exhaustive battery of written and oral examinations.
• Most Rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran are trained in otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) and also Head and Neck surgery. So look for these initials after their name (ENT).

Dr. Saman is an European qualified and certified Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon (Rhinoplasty Surgeries) in Oslo, Norway and Tehran, Iran. Also, he is the Founder of the EAAMS ( European Academy for Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery ), ANTI AGE ACADEMY and KFS clinic (competence center for specialist health services) in Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Saman is European's leading Closed Structured (scarless) Rhinoplasty Specialist Surgeon.

How to Choosing Best Rhinoplasty in Iran
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    March 12th, 2012
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    April 08th, 2011
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