Patient History

The specific services provided by DrSaman`s staff in Iran or Norway depend on each patient's medical needs and individual wishes. These statements by some of our patients provide a sense of our approach.

Patient from Germany - Mikael

Patient has been treated in the Hospital "Kian" in Tehran. The patient was suffering from nasal deformity caused by previouse nose surgery. A simple whatsap makes our day : Hallo Meli. many thanks for everything..the doctor gave us a good news also he answered all the question..all in all, the trip was succeded..many thanks for all the support from your side and Meli too..with regards...Hani

Patient from Cyprus - Parastoo

My medical trip was excellent in terms of follow-up and attention. Mrs. Meli Askari was with me most of the time and helped me with the translation and with providing the required documents to the hospital. Furthermore she was asking about me and my appointments were exactly. Thank you and thanks to Mrs. Askari for standing with me."

Patient from England- Fereshte

On February 2014 I wrote to DrSaman`s -international patient enquires Tehran-Iran. I explained my case and asked for possible nose surgery. As a feedback I received an e-mail from DrSama`s staff who introduced themselves , and their role as Premier contact in Tehran office as such:
Collect information on the patient complaints
Medical history
Making an appropriate tel og skype consultation with Dr.Saman
I was suffering from nose deformity and nasal stenosis, and sent my medical report to Tehran. The communication started between us through:- e-mails and direct phone contact. The good communication did result in a clear advise on my treatment (after sending my details including medical report a copy of my passport and personal details) I received my treatment plan which included: Travel plan, hotel accommodation, expected cost of my treatment that would be revised after medical check-up on location, Detailed information about contactdetails DrSaman`s team.

Trip planning and Nose surgery

I had to postpone my travelling for personal reasons. I travelled to London and then Tehran in May 2014, after a new arrangement had been made. I had new contact numbers and detailed arrangements.
The day after I met Mrs. Meli Askari and we got all the necessary help and admission to the hospital. I Met DrSaman and all options were discussed with me prior to the decision.
The decision was to have a classic nose surgery or Rhinoplasty on my nose.
I stayed overnight. In the morning the operation was done and Thank God it was successful. I was satisfied by the treatment by all members of the hospital and DrSaman`s team. I had a good follow-up appointment and special care, all arranged by Mrs. Meli Askari. I have been visited after surgery in the hospital during my stay by DrSaman and Hospital staff. The follow up was done until the last day before my travelling back to England.

After treatment

Finally I have to say that DrSaman and his staff:
Supported me in booking and travelling back to England
Kept following my case after coming back to England
Make sure that I have recovered from my nose surgery
They have forwarded my final medical report in English
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to the PREMIER HEALTHCARE IRAN staff, DrSaman and specially his team, for the good support, and the things that they have done to help me. I encourage them to carry on with the same attitude, and to give the necessary support to the patients. I am confident that is their stile of doing so, and they can handle virtually anything that may come up in related aspects in a professional way. Wishing to all of them the best.

Patient from Germany-Hani

Man az alman ba Monsdr.Saman dar tamas bodam va ishon marahele ghabl va bad az amalro baraye man tozieh dade bodan,dar Iran ham ghabl az aml didam va dr mano mayne kardan va hozoran darmorede hame chiz sohbat kardim.va bad Amal bod.az hame chiz besiyar arzi bodam ,bimarestan kheyli pishrafte va mojahaz be akharin masayele pezeshki bod,va dr ha va parastarha besiyar vared.amal be khobi anjam shod va man az amalam ham besiyar arzi hastam,va az residegihaye pezeshki ghabl va bade amal.
Translation to German:
Ich stand in Deutschland mit dr saman im Kontakt er erklärte mir die nötigen Details zur Operation.
Als ich im Iran war ging ich zu ihm und wir besprachen alles nochmal persönlich, er untersuchte mich und operrierte mich dann . Ich bin mit allem sehr zufrieden sowie mit meinem Arzt wie auch mit dem Krankenhaus alle haben eine sehr professionell Arbeit geleistet. Vor der Operation sowie nach der Operation

Patient from England- Asal

Rhinoplasty had been a procedure I had considered getting since the age of 13. July 2014 however was the time my wishes were finally falling into place. After travelling for 8 hours to Iran from London, my mother and I went to the Tehran clinic for my pre-op consultation. Dr Saman was very welcoming, making me feel at comfort and ease. He made sure to ask several questions in relation to why I wanted my nose done, if it affected my daily life and what I was hoping for after the procedure. The day of my surgery, July the 7th, came and we went to the Borzuye clinic. The desk staff were incredibly polite and the atmosphere very clean and standardised. The Borzuye is quite well known for it's amazing anaesthesia quadre, and the ansaesthiologists most definitely lived up to the standards. They were beyond nice and friendly, asking me questions about my hobbies and life back home in England, they held my hand and spoke me through everything step by step.
As I was semi-conscious, Dr saman and his assistant came in and again he made sure I was comfortable. Being in an operation room for the first time can be daunting, but with the right company it can be one of the most peaceful experiences one could imagine. I'm incredibly happy I chose Dr saman as my surgeon, as not only is his work very natural and conforming, but his patience and personality as a person can make all his patients feel beautiful- even with a crooked nose!
The aftercare was also very professional, I had frequent check ups and appointments in order to keep up with the healing progress and for bandage changes.
A rhinoplasty procedure is something that will remain with you for the rest of your life and I'm glad I went through my experience with Dr. Saman and his wonderful team.

Dr. Saman is an European qualified and certified Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon (Rhinoplasty Surgeries) in Oslo, Norway and Tehran, Iran. Also, he is the Founder of the EAAMS ( European Academy for Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery ), ANTI AGE ACADEMY and KFS clinic (competence center for specialist health services) in Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Saman is European's leading Closed Structured (scarless) Rhinoplasty Specialist Surgeon.

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