A nose job is plastic surgery on the nose to change its shape or resize or improve its function ; it can make larger or smaller , Or can be done for medical reasons such as correct bumps , indentations or correct breathing problem

Rhinoplasty for Fleshy nose

People with fleshy nose, have thick and greasy skin , open holes in the skin , wide tip and the cartilage part is more than bony part and Have a slow recovery process .
In these noses having weak cartilageand weak structure and major part of the nose consists of skin and fat under it and sebaceous glands .This group mostly have inferior nasal cartilages with unsuitable strength. 

Many people think that this nose surgery is re-viable and return to the before operation This is not a scientific reasoning after six month no major change will happen on the nose and it will remain in the same form.

Rhinoplasty for bony nose

People with bony nose have more bone and cartilage , with thin skin and this kind of skin they are more flexible than meaty noses.

Dr. Saman is an European qualified and certified Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon (Rhinoplasty Surgeries) in Oslo, Norway and Tehran, Iran. Also, he is the Founder of the EAAMS ( European Academy for Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery ), ANTI AGE ACADEMY and KFS clinic (competence center for specialist health services) in Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Saman is European's leading Closed Structured (scarless) Rhinoplasty Specialist Surgeon.

How to Choosing Best Rhinoplasty in Iran
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    March 12th, 2012
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    April 08th, 2011
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