No single feature affects the way you look quite as much as your nose. A nose that is crooked or humped may detract from otherwise pleasing facial features. A nose that is too long or large can dominate your face. If your nose is not in harmony with the rest of your facial features or if it does not work as well as you would like, you may be a candidate for nasal surgery.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Surgery to change the appearance of the nose is called Rhinoplasty and is commonly known as a ‘nose job’. Dr Saman seeks to create a more harmonious facial appearance while maintaining or improving the breathing function of your nose. Even a minor correction can make a drastic difference to overall facial harmony.

How do I know if my nose is suitable for Rhinoplasty?

The first step in planning a Rhinoplasty procedure is a thorough examination of the nose and the reasons for wanting nasal surgery. It is important to seek nasal surgery because you want it and not to please others. Remember, the goal of surgery is an improvement and not perfection. Explain to Dr Saman what you want your nose to look like. In response and after examining your nose, Dr Saman will advise if what you want is possible or he will suggest some possible alternatives.
Dr Saman will examine your nose carefully, checking its symmetry and he will study the strength and the shape of the cartilage and the thickness and quality of your skin. He will then examine your nose internally using a nasal endoscope to fully evaluate the structural integrity of your nasal cavity. He will take photographs of your nose and analyse these from several angles. An important part of the evaluation of your profile includes your chin. People, who want surgery to make larger noses smaller, are often surprised when their surgeon suggests a chin implant. The reason for this is that a weak chin can make your nose appear more prominent.

What is the best age for Rhinoplasty?

Many people wonder if there is a minimum age for nasal surgery or if you can be too old for it. Surgery to refine the appearance of the nose is best done after a young person has finished growing. This usually means around the age of 16. At the other end of the spectrum, nasal surgery can be done at any age as long as you are in good health.
Most elderly patients seek nasal surgery both for cosmetic reasons and because it helps maintain good breathing. As we age, nasal cartilage becomes thinner and loses its elasticity, causing the tip of the nose to lengthen and droop. This may interfere with nasal function.

What to expect after the Surgery?

Most patients report little or no pain after nasal surgery and the discomfort is easily controlled with mild pain medication. Your nose will be stuffy for a few days and you must not blow your nose for at least one week. Dr Saman will give you antibiotics and pain relief medication if required. If you wear glasses, they must not put pressure on your nose for the first 4-6 weeks. Dr Saman will advise you on how to keep the weight of the glasses off your nose.
Internal nasal splints will be removed 2-3 days after the operation and the external splint will be removed 6-7 days after the operation. You should expect to experience some swelling and bruising around your eyes. Cold compresses will help to reduce this and make you feel more comfortable. Most of the bruising subsides in about 3-4 weeks and any remaining bruises can be covered with make-up after a week.
Do not be surprised if you experience some emotional turmoil immediately after surgery. This is called ‘post-surgical blues’ and it occurs in many people. The good thing about nasal surgery is that your nose will continue to improve over several months to a year after surgery. It takes at least 6-12 months for the swelling to subside completely.

Dr. Saman is an European qualified and certified Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon (Rhinoplasty Surgeries) in Oslo, Norway and Tehran, Iran. Also, he is the Founder of the EAAMS ( European Academy for Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery ), ANTI AGE ACADEMY and KFS clinic (competence center for specialist health services) in Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Saman is European's leading Closed Structured (scarless) Rhinoplasty Specialist Surgeon.

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