Rhinoplasty or Nasal Surgery

Rhinoplasty or Nasal Surgery

One of the most prevalent aesthetic acts of rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty means nasal aesthetic surgery, and to correct visual nasal defects such as nasal congestion, changes in nasal visual acuity and nasal angle, or to solve internal problems such as hemiplegia and hemorrhage.
When choosing a doctor, the nose cosmetic surgeon should note that in addition to fully understanding the anatomy and facial structure, your surgeon must pay attention to nasal and respiratory function.
Another important point in a successful cosmetic surgery is attention to the thickness and type of skin. Typically, all types of skin are classified into two thick skin types and thin skin, people with thick skin or brood ninives have a longer duration and should take about 6 months to reduce nasal congestion. People who have thin skin, swell after a quicker operation, and then become more effective after surgery.

Best nose surgery season:
One of the questions in nose surgery is that what season is suitable for nasal surgery, some are worried about the surgery in the summer, because heat causes an increase in blood flow, and some people do worry winter in the winter. Give Possible chilling season and nose sensation to the cold. But actually all seasons are suitable for nose surgery if you can complete a full week and then you can work on a daily basis, but if you have an LG season you can choose a time for surgery. If you do not have a seasonal lobe, you should pay attention to the fact that nasal cosmetic surgery does not trigger or intensify seasonal susceptibility.

Daily activities after nasal surgery:
The patient should rest well for up to a week after surgery and avoid walking, resting, shaking and holding too much.
In the second week after nasal surgery, the patient can do his or her daily activities, but refrain from exercising.
After two months, you can begin aerobic and light sports, you can begin to learn and swim from the second month, but avoid dancing and kicking the dojo.

Nose surgery is done in two ways: the open Approach and The Closed Approach
In The Closed Approach method,also called endonal rhinoplasty ,  there is no shear on the outer surface of the nose and the nasal bladder or clomella and it is common in the nose so no part of the incision can be seen externally and there is no visible scar . This method is suitable for patients who are rhinoplasty for the first time and do not have problems with nasal deviation or blindness blindness. The operation depends on the open action of less swelling and bruising, the duration of surgery is a quarter to a half hour less than the open procedure. While a visible scar is prevented, significant challenges and technical limitations are associated with the relative lack of surgical access The disadvantages of this surgical procedure are that the surgeon does not have full access to the nasal structure and has less maneuverability than the open method. This method is used for more simple actions such as removing hernia and collecting good nose.

The Open Approach
 the nasal opening of the nail blade and blades opens to make the eye surgeon better nasal to the nasal structure, the main nasal structure consists of nasal septum and bone structure or nasal cartilage, which in the open surgeon play a greater role in the nasal building and changes More can be created ,open rhinoplasty is also my preferred approach to primary (non-revision) rhinoplasty since it improves diagnostic accuracy and facilitates precision re-engineering of the misshapen nose.
In this method, the possibility of nasal insufficiency is very low

Dr. Saman is an European qualified and certified Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon (Rhinoplasty Surgeries) in Oslo, Norway and Tehran, Iran. Also, he is the Founder of the EAAMS ( European Academy for Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery ), ANTI AGE ACADEMY and KFS clinic (competence center for specialist health services) in Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Saman is European's leading Closed Structured (scarless) Rhinoplasty Specialist Surgeon.

How to Choosing Best Rhinoplasty in Iran
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